Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Leaving Japan to the Zen of Now

I thought that Japan would be spared. No, I do not mean spared in the sense that I thought the earthquake would not happen - it did. And no, not in the sense that I thought the tidal waves would not happen - they did. And finally no, not in the sense that the nuclear plant would not melt down and blanket the area with deadly radiation - it might.

I really and truly thought that Japan would be spared from the comments by Americans saying that God was punishing Japan for something. I was wrong. Today, in the USA TODAY paper, some American who's name I will not speak was apologizing for publishing on Twitter comments stating that God is punishing Japan for . . . the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.

I am a humble man. I do not try to speak for God. I can only speak for myself and the small part of the universe that I exist in (my world, my perspective). But sometimes I wonder why it is that small minded people think to not only speak for God but tell us why he sees fit to disfavor one nation. I understand that the horrors the Japanese people are going through are mind-boggling. I cannot comprehend looking out to the ocean and seeing thousands of bodies washing up on the shore. I understand that the human psyche might need an answer to the question 'Why?', and I understand that many people want to believe that this is the work of God.
But I do not understand why someone would put their name on thoughts that should never have been spoken aloud (for fear of showing people how ignorant and uncaring a human could be) let alone posted on a world wide internet program. A program that millions if not billions will see. I believe even now the person who spoke those words does not realize the scope of how they have demonstrated to the world their uncaring and stupidity.
Please People leave Japan alone. If you can't say or do anything good - don't say anything at all. And if you do say something that stupid and you are a well-to-do public figure (maybe an athlete) try to mend the world with more than just an apology. Put your money to work undoing what your mouth should never have said.

This is just my opinion, nothing more. Please people pray for help for the Japanese people. Or do whatever you can to help anyone you see in need of help.
 For the good of the planet - for the good of all humanity and for your own good.

Love and blessings,
the humble Taomaster

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