Sunday, April 17, 2011

Solely Soul - full of something

What is the soul? asked the young novice to the Master. 

The older man answered immediately. "The soul is what makes the world. The soul is everything you can sense and the soul is your dreams. The soul is the package of energy and light, the 'you' you call you. Everything that comes into your perception is part of your soul. Your soul exists in both the future, and the past at the same time. The soul is both my words and what you think about my words. Soul is timeless and immortal. Soul is the body, soul is the heart, and soul is the mind."

The novice looked dazed. "So in other words", he said while trying to think this concept through, "the soul is everything?"

"No, that is what we call God. God is everything. The soul is us - our everything."
"So how is my soul different than your soul."
"Your soul asks questions and my soul answers them."
"But then isn't our talking both our souls ? Isn't this then the same?"
"No, my soul and my talking are much different than you soul and your talking. You see the surface in everything, but I see the depth beyond the surface."
"What does that mean?"
"You believe what you see and I do not."
"And my words have depth, something you have not grasped yet. More than what I am saying, my words carry my intent to show you what soul is. This conversation will echo in your soul until you comprehend. When you are ready to understand your mind will take you back to my words and these words will reinforce your enlightenment. But until then let us not waste the day on concepts beyond us."
"Lets eat." the old man chuckled, "some fish. How about fillet of sole and later we can listen to some music - something with soul."
"Sold." the younger man exclaimed.

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